our team


Leo A. Hurtado


Chief Executive Officer

Over 25 years of professional experience managing all areas of IT, in a variety of domestic and international healthcare industries.  As an IT leader, my primary objective is to advance business strategic goals through the effective application of leading-edge technology.

Contact at: leo.hurtado@infoagetechnology.com


Cliff Carroll

Chief Business Development Officer

 A sales focused global software development and business process outsourcing executive. An industry leader with multiple Fortune 500 and start-up successes in creating, funding, and building industry leading products, services, and dynamic teams that deliver innovative solutions to multiple healthcare sectors including; provider organizations, payers, and life sciences.

Contact at: cliff.carroll@infoagetechnology.com


Rick Carroll

Chief Technology Officer & Chief IT Architect


More than 25 years experience in creating software solutions for real world problems in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, engineering R&D and Internet e-commerce. Have demonstrated my ability within many areas of the software development life-cycle including requirements gathering, architecture, design, development and test. Have led teams in meeting expectations in terms of features, performance, cost and schedule.

Contact at: rick.carroll@infoagetechnology.com